The RT 17 EUROMEETING 2015 will take place in one of the most awesome capitals in Germany. RT 17 Bielefeld is ready for take-off. Are you?

From 22 till 24 of may

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What Is Happening?

RT Bielefeld is happy to announce the annual RT Euromeeting to take place in Bielefeld / Germany. In May 2015, all European Round Tables with the number 17 are invited and very welcome to spend a weekend in the capital of East Westphalia. We figured out a great program for our guests from all over Europe. According to the Round Table motto "keep Round Table cheap" we are trying to realize home-hosting for all attendees. So please, register as early as possible.

You already know enough to book a ticket to the Euromeeting 2015? Go ahead and hit the following button. If it is still necessary to convince you to join, please go on reading!

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On the agenda so far




Welcoming / Registration
Gala night with excellent dinner and drinks.




Men's meeting
Men's competition
Annual Group Photo

For the beloved ones we will organize a nice and smooth side programme.

...and of cause the fancy and legendary party in the evening.




Farewell Breakfast
Individual hangover treatment

We are sure you're already convinced to join the Euromeeting. If not, please continue reading, otherwise use the next button...

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Three days of fun

RT 17 Bielefeld puts a lot of effort in it to make the Euromeeting 2015 a memorable event and is looking forward to the three days with tablers from all over Europe.

Great home-hosting

About 15 (very good looking) members of RT 17 Bielefeld are happy to welcome you in Bielefeld and share their houses and apartments with you.

Great food

A good dinner is the root for a good party. We are really caring for the physical well-being of our guests. Of course we got the needs of vegetarians and vegans covered! Ah, did we mention, that all drinks and food is included in the price?

Awesome locations

All events and parties will take place in carefully selected locations in one of the most awesome cities in Germany.

Fantastic drinks

Join the RT 17 Euromeeting in Bielefeld and order the famous german beer, delicious wines, exotic cocktails and strong shots. Make the meeting a memorable event you cannot remember. Ah, yes, one thing: all drinks are covered with your registration fee. Great, right?

Rememberable weekend

Let's cut the long story short. The Euromeeting 2015 in Bielefeld will be a remarkable and rememberable RT 17-summit. Register now and bring at least four people in order to safe money!

The awesome pricing

Single Ticket - Gala night

Friday, 22 of May


  • for one person
  • an awesome party at an amazing location
  • ALL INCLUSIVE! Drinks and an exquisite dinner. Seriously!!

Single Ticket - the legendary party

Saturday, 23 of May


  • for one person
  • the legendary party at an unique location
  • ALL INCLUSIVE! Drinks and delicious snacks. Seriously!!

Group Ticket

Registration of 4 persons or more

217€ /p.p.

  • for four or more / country
  • including great home hosting*
  • including awesome parties
  • more fun with your friends on the trip to Bielefeld!
  • ALL INCLUSIVE! Seriously!!



  • including great home hosting*
  • including awesome parties
  • basically the same as the group ticket, but you're being punished a little because you're bringing too few people... but of course still very welcome!
  • ALL INCLUSIVE! Seriously!!
* limited availability, first come - first serve


Second to think about registration.


Days in the most awesome capital in Westphalia.

Easy-To-Remember-All-Inclusive Pricing!

It will happen, where the heart of Westphalia beats...

Register today!

Singe Ticket - Friday

Singe Ticket - Saturday

Group Ticket

Ticket - one person

RT 17 Euromeeting 2015

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